Bibliography of the Borgia Family



The real or mythical shenanigans of the members of the Borgia Family prompted many an author to write some pages on them, either to praise or damn, some with a very touching point of view.

This site gives information on one of the two most comprehensive collections around dedicated solely to the Borgia Family of Renaissance Rome.

By following the links on the left you may proceed to the Borgia Bibliography divided into sections according to the main actors in the family, viz.


The two popes of the Family:

-           Alfonso de Borja – who took the name Pope Calixtus III

-           and his nephew Rodrigo Borgia – better known as Pope Alexander VI.


Two of the latter’s offspring:

-          Cesare Borgia and Lucrezia Borgia

-           each merit an own section as does the Family’s Saint and great grandson of Rodrigo:

-           Saint Francis Borgia.

-           Books about some of the other members of the family are listed together on one page.


You will also find literature treating two or more members or even the entire Family at once under

-          Borgia General.

-           Another section is dedicated to the historical background against which the Borgia Family could rise to its peak, i.e. Renaissance Rome.


Seperate sections are dedicated to the non-book media - e.g. operas, motion pictures and video-documentaries – and mirabile dictu to the works that – unlike their titles might suggest – have nothing to do with the Borgia Family of Renaissance Rome: the Non-Borgia Borgia Books.

Special mention deserve the fictitious works about how the criminal or spiritual influence of the Borgias looms over characters in later centuries: the Aftermath of the Borgias.


New titles will be added - the occasion permitting – regularly on the page “What’s new”. If you would rather see the entire catalogue in one listing, you may want to go directly to the comprehensive printer friendly pdf file.